Hurghada, Egypt

6 Jul

Having just returned for Egypt with little to do before I return to work tomorrow I have selected a few photographs from my trip to share on my blog.

I was fortunate enough to swim with dolphins in the wild and explore the coral reefs. We also went quad biking, camel trekking, watched the sunset over the mountains in the dessert before doing some star gazing. Seeing how people survive/seem to live quite happily in the dessert was very interesting. My photographs show some of the people who live in the dessert. They weave bags, rugs and scarves to sell to tourists in order to buy basic supplies for their village.

The extremes between rich and poor were very evident in Egypt. We saw expensive luxurious hotel resorts, golf courses and an American built marina with an array of very costly boats, around the corner from the marina was a fish market. The stench at the market was horrific, with an abundance of flies and very skinny malnourished cats. A lot of Hurghada where we were situated was a mix of 5* hotels surrounded by tumble down ruins, partially constructed buildings and litter.

If I return to Egypt it will be to visit the ancient historical sites at Luxor, the pyramids, Cairo and to take a trip on the Nile.

IMG_2309 IMG_2307 IMG_2303_2 IMG_2302 IMG_2288 IMG_2263 IMG_2259 IMG_2251 IMG_2250 IMG_2245 IMG_2231

A Trip to Oban

2 Feb

For my 24th birthday we travelled to Kinlochleven to do some ice climbing. I enjoy rock climbing but found ice climbing a lot more challenging, I think it will take a while for me to master the technique! Following the ice climbing we stayed in Oban overnight in a lovely sea view room. We enjoyed the spa and a fantastic 6 course tasting menu. The next door we explored Oban. The photographs below are taken from the McCaig Tower a prominent landmark. After lunch in Oban we began the 4.5 hour journey home to Cumbria. On the way home I spotted Kilchurn Castle illuminated by the sunshine and we stopped on the roadside to take some photographs!

Oban and Kilchurn Castle IMG_2127 IMG_2145 IMG_2148 IMG_2154

Felt Making and Embroidery

23 Jan

I like the random patterns and effects that can be created by incorporating different fabrics and fibres in to the wool when felting. These pieces began as a random jumble of colours which when felted began to look quite pretty and almost like a mystical garden. I hand and machine embellished the pieces adding flowers, leaves and butterflies.

Felt Making IMG_4767 IMG_4758I am pleased with the pieces but certainly feel I have a lot more to learn.

Click here to  have a look at a wonderful blog, which I came across recently where you can find numerous great examples of felt making.


Designing and Making

23 Jan

Although I work full time for an international fashion retailer I don’t really find my job to be that creative and love to spend time in my studio designing, sewing, sticking, painting and drawing. I also attend an evening dressmaking and tailoring course where I am currently attempting to make a very bold, colourful skirt complete with pockets, pleats and a zip fastening. Although it is not 100% perfect I am very happy with my progress so far and I will post a photograph of the completed item in a few weeks, I hope!

Having recently seen a rag rug be used on the ‘The Great Interior Design Challenge’, a great show on BBC2, I have been reminded about the owl rag rug I have eventually completed! I found the process to be very time consuming but I do have plans to make another rug and have been busy collecting scraps of fabric and old clothes. This time the rug will be floral or patterned.

Below are some images of my completed rag rug. The images display both the reverse and front of the piece.

IMG_4747 IMG_4741 IMG_4739 IMG_4738 IMG_4737


23 Jan

Having read the book ‘The Island’ by Victoria Hislop I was particularly keen to visit Spinalonga. Although I did enjoy my visit, I was participating in an organised tour and felt I did not have long enough to look around. Below are some of the photographs I took.

Spinalonga, Crete Spinalonga, Crete Spinalonga, Crete Spinalonga, Crete

Agios Nikolaos, Crete

23 Jan

We spent a few hours in Agios Nikolaos, wandering through the narrow, bustling streets. I found the lake to be particularly picturesque.

Agios Nikolaos, Crete Agios Nikolaos, Crete

Heraklion, Crete

23 Jan

When staying in Koutouloufari a wonderful little hillside village in Crete we decided to visit the capital Heraklion. We traveled to Heraklion by bus and spent a day exploring the city.

Heraklion, Crete Heraklion, Crete Heraklion, Crete Heraklion, Crete Heraklion, Crete

Saklikent Gorge, Turkey

21 Jan

Whilst visiting the Saklikent Gorge we had the chance to walk a small section of the gorge before tubing down the river, which was fantastic!

Saklikent Gorge, Turkey Saklikent Gorge, Turkey Saklikent Gorge, Turkey Saklikent Gorge, Turkey Saklikent Gorge, Turkey Saklikent Gorge, Turkey

Kayakoy, Turkey

21 Jan

Kayakoy is an interesting and picturesque ghost town with a lovely little restaurant, a few camels and a donkey.

Fethiye, Turkey Fethiye, Turkey Fethiye, Turkey Fethiye, Turkey Fethiye, Turkey Fethiye, Turkey Fethiye, Turkey Fethiye, Turkey

Fethiye, Turkey

21 Jan

On the day we decided to take the Dolmus to Fethiye it was particularly windy, the sea was incredibly rough and caused a lot of small fishing boats to overturn or sink as can be seen from the photographs.

Fethiye, Turkey Fethiye, Turkey Fethiye, Turkey Fethiye, Turkey Fethiye, Turkey Fethiye, Turkey Fethiye, Turkey Fethiye, Turkey Fethiye, Turkey

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